virtual Hoe Grange Holidays

Award winning Hoe Grange Holidays are so proud of what they have to offer that they felt the best way to show it off was by creating a virtual model. On site Felicity & David have four cabins and two glamping pods, three cabins providing facilities for the disabled. The virtual tours of the three cabins show accessible shower rooms and within the highlight reels an image of these rooms fully dressed.


Pinder decking
Click here to take a tour of Daisybank Cabin



3D-Pi on the course!

3D-Pi are proud to be supporting Raglan Parc & Woodlake Park Golf Clubs. You can see our adverts in the clubhouse and on the course. We look forward to see you out when we take a break and have 18 holes.



3D Spaces for the Disabled

Are you a business/holiday resort/live arena for example, visited by persons living with a visible or invisible disability? How do you engage with your customer to let them know of your disabled facilities?

This is a topic close to the heart of 3D-Pi and we feel that any public building/business should have a virtual format.

A 3D model would allow a person in a wheelchair a true picture of the accessibility, WC facilities on offer, door widths and any lifts to get to a higher level for example.

A person living with an invisible disability like Autism could walk a virtual space as many times as they feel necessary to slightly ease any anxiety before entering the building that they are visiting for the first time.

Contact 3D-Pi if you would like more information

3D Tours

State of the art 360 technology allows 3D-Pi to create immersive 3d virtual tours, providing the end user with the feeling of being inside the created space from the comfort of their own armchair. Any internal space can be captured resulting in the perfect tool to enhance any current marketing strategy. For any further information about creating your space into a virtual model, please fill in the contact form



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